The Twits Grand Final Eve at the Pint on Punt
Tim Chmielewski

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The Twits with Eric - Grand Final Eve 2004 show
Friday, 24th September 2004

Having lived in Melbourne four years now I know that Grand Final Eve is one of the biggest nights of the year. The last three years I have seen TISM and Spiderbait on the night. This year I decided to try something different (plus those two bands weren't playing.)

The support band for the night was Eric which included Chris from the Twits on drums. Having seen him perform in another band Crackwhore, it was good to see him playing something different again. They were very well received and played straight rock compared to what the Twits played.

Fudge, Nick & the gang were having a really good time and I promised them I would put the photos I took of them on my site.

I left after the first set, but I am sure the Twits played until the bar staff had to put a CD on to try and get them to stop.