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Gig Reports

My reviews/photos of the Twits performances I have been to.

Fred's Birthday at the Pint - 1st February 2008
Ebony's 21st Birthday at the Pint - 12th October 2007
with the Bittersweet Kicks at the Pint - 14th July 2007
with Sëbasröckets, Glen & The Peanutbutter Men at Pony - 16th June 2007
with Dr El Suavo, Blowfly & Bob Log at the East Brunswick Club - 24th Februrary 2007
Rock & Roll Wrestling at the Greyhound - 9th February 2007
Fred's Birthday with the Twits, Fuck Fucks, Ian Bland & Frank Lee Earnest - 2nd February 2007
vs. Rock'n'Roll Wrestling at the Greyhound - 13th October 2006
with the Eggs & The Gingers at the Spot - 26th July 2006
with Rain Dogs, Dead Cowboys & Bittersweet Kicks at the Pint on Punt - 9th June 2006
with Video Nasties, Crackwhore & The Hybernators at the Pint on Punt - 12th May 2006
with the Eggs, Jane vs. World & Tim Rogers at the Spot - 3rd May 2006
Richard Hybernators' Birthday - 7th April 2006
with Dick Desert & Bittersweet Kicks at the Pint on Punt - 31st March 2006
Adelaide Road Trip 2006 - 2nd to the 5th March 2006
Acoustic set a Pure Pop Records - 18th February 2006
Fred's Birthday at the Pint on Punt - 28th January 2006
vs. Mach Pelican at the Espy - 14th January 2006
New Year's Eve 2005 at the Pint on Punt
with Charter 77 & Sydney City Trash at the Pint on Punt - 10th December 2005
Cup Eve at the Pint on Punt - 31st October 2005
CD launch at the Espy
- 29th October 2005
at the Green Room - 26th August 2005
with the Hybernators at the Pint on Punt - 12th August 2005
with the Almaboobies and Eric at the Pint on Punt - 13th May 2005
with the Alamaboobies and Crackwhore at the Espy - 19th March 2005
supporting the Dayglo Abortions at the Espy - 18th February 2005
NYE 2004 at the Pint on Punt - 31st December 2004
supporting The Bankers CD launch at the Public Bar - 22nd October 2004
Grand Final Eve with Eric - 24th September 2004
at The Espy - 2nd September 2004
with The Bankers at the Pint on Punt - 25th June 2004
at the Pint on Punt - 16th April 2004
St Patrick's Day at the Pint on Punt - 17th March 2004
Cock Rock Tribute Night at the Arthouse - 7th March 2004
The Twits & The Bankers at the Espy - 20th February 2004
Rock & Roll Recovery at the Espy - 1st January 2004
The Twits, DFP & Yidcore at the Espy - 7th November 2003
The Twits & Fred Sounds doco at the Espy - 22nd August 2003
Lot's a punks at the Espy - 4th July 2003
The Twits, Gamma Ray & TMBV at the Espy - 22nd February 2003
Cup Day Kaos at the Espy featuring the Twits - 5th November 2002
The 'Best We Forget' gig Sept 11 at the Espy - 11th September 2002
The Twits & They Might Be Negros at the Espy - 26th May 2002
The Sailors, They Might Be Vaginas & The Twits at the Espy - 25th May 2002
Twits Karaoke at the Greyhound - 2nd September 2001

If you have seen any of the Twits gigs and want to have your review posted on this page, please send them in.

Reviews by other People

Twits at the 2004 Big Day Out by Barb


If you have any photos that you have taken at one of the Twits gigs, but can't find anyway to host them, please do not hesitate to send them in and I will put them on this site.

Photos/video from other people

The Twits at the 2004 Big Day Out - photos by Rohan Pugh
Boing!, chris110000100101001, January 29, 2007
Kumquat, chris110000100101001, January 29, 2007
She Sucked My Tiny Dick (live), Rik from No Idea, June 20 2007
Fred live at Alley Bar Brisbane, SistaSofija, June 29 2007
Another Morman at the Door ...etc (Live), Rik from No Idea, July 1, 2007
Get Fucked Cunt (live), Rik from No Idea, July 5, 2007
Twits at the Arthouse, Rik from No Idea, September 15 2007
Chelsea Heights (live), Rik from No Idea, 3 October 2007
Yorrick Hunt (live), Rik from No Idea, 3 October 2007
What the Fuck are you Wearing? (live), Rik from No Idea, 3 October 2007
POO, chris110000100101001, October 16, 2007
Get Fucked Cunt (live), ME, 30th November 2007
Boing! (live), ME, 30th November 2007
Take Me Drunk I'm Home (live), ME, 30th November 2007
Fuck the fucken' fucker you fuck the fucken' fucker's fucked! (live), ME, 30th November 2007

These photos come courtesy of Steely.

No 1. Twits Fan Fudge
The Twits in the band room at the Espy
The Twits at the Punks Picnic
Look at that Lushy!
Steely puts the boot in
At the Arthouse with Mach Pelican
At the Crown & Anchor

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