The Twits Give Me the Shits

You want me to belong to you

From a CD by the Twits called Albert Road
(Lush Aston)

I thought we had it made..
My love begins to fade..
The good times all these years but now you pull me by the ears..
We met when we were young..
I sucked on your big tongue
You wanked me with a feather.
Once our braces got stuck together.
We used to do a 69er.
Now you're treatin' me like a vagina..
It used to be so nice, your mouth was full of ice..
Your daring, caring, sharing now you're worried about what I'm wearing..
Your friends think I'm a dick..
Your image makes me sick..
In Donny Osmonds words "You don't own me" so go suck turds..
We used to make love in the rain.
Now you keep me on a ball & chain.