The Twits Give Me the Shits


As something different I thought I would put some of the test videos I shot with my digital camera at some of the Twits gigs on the website. My camera is only meant to take short clips of video so don't expect any masterpieces.

You can download the videos in either Windows Media or Quicktime formats.

If you would like to download the videos to your computer instead of viewing them online, right click on the link and select "Save As".

at the Pint on Punt (16th April 2004)
Get Fucked Cunt
2min 21sec
Windows Media (2.67Mb) Quicktime (5.49Mb)
at the Pint on Punt (16th April 2004)
Hair Like Jet
2min 14sec
Windows Media (2.55Mb) Quicktime (5.24Mb)

The Bankers CD launch at the Public Bar (22nd October 2004)
Fuck the Fuckin' Fucker the Fuckin' Fucker's Fucked
2min 21sec
Windows Media (1.92Mb) Quicktime (3.95Mb)

Videos by other people
The Twits - from the "Fred Sounds" movie by Rohan Pugh
Fred Sounds - The Twits
2min 5sec
Windows Media (2.28Mb) Quicktime (4.72Mb)