The Twits Give Me the Shits

SHE MAY LOOK CLEAN - BUT You can't beat the Axis if you get VD

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  1. Intro by Rowdy Negro
  2. Cumquat
  3. Uncle Les
  4. My baby hasn't shagged me yet, even though I wear my hair like 'Jet'
  5. Some Good Advice
  6. Take me drunk I'm home!
  7. Bullimic Baby (featuring Ric from No Idea)
  8. No Idea from Ric
  9. Drunk by Noon
  10. Yorrick Hunt
  11. She sucked my tiny dick
  12. This Is The Show
  13. The Twits go to the pub and Fred takes control of the console
  14. The last laugh
  15. Terracotta Jesus (Featuring Stacy from Crackwhore and Smeer)
  16. The plot thickens
  17. Fuck the fucken' fucker you fuck the fucken' fucker's fucked!
  18. Career advice from 'The Moll Patrol'
  19. Distemper
  20. Haemorrhoids on my behind
  21. Another Mormon at the door but there's no room in the fridge
  22. A word from our sponsor
  23. Lipstick on my penis
  24. Chelsea Heights Girl
  25. I woke up in love this morning
  26. I won't be home for rag week (featuring The Rag Week choir)

Plus...Bonus tracks 'Lushy' by Moll Patrol
'Drunk by Noon' by the Joe Blorp Ragtime Band
Espy Rockdogs theme song 'Messin' with the dogs' (Featuring Kat Spazzy)