The Twits Give Me the Shits

The Twits, DFP & Yidcore at the Espy

"He is ugly, has long hair and a beard so he has two choices; either he can play in a heavy metal band or become a web designer."

DFP weren't originally going to play tonight, but they had their gig cancelled at the last minute so The Twits and Yidcore did them a favour by letting them play to get away from Geelong for a while.

They are originally from Germany and said they have just been to Africa. I don't know where this rumour of Germans having no sense of humour came from as they were a crack up.

The best part of the gig was when the lead singer stood on the bar to introduce the band and sing the last song of their set.

There's hummus in your eye!

I had been looking forward to this band as I had heard a lot about them already due to Adam Sandler suing the band (he doesn't want them to sing his Chanukah song.) Although they are more popular overseas, they originally come from the suburb of Balaclava which is the next suburb over from St Kilda.

Rumours of their many female fans (including Natalie Portman allegedly) were true as their were some really great looking women there, one of whom ended up with a face full of hummus courtesy of the lead singer - she was more than a bit pissed off.

Another thing that probably makes this band so popular are the traditional songs they sing in Hebrew and Yiddish, but with a punk beat. Even though I couldn't understand them I thought they sounded great. They are meant to be going to Israel for a tour soon so they should go down a treat there.

Two of the better songs in their set were "Why won't Adam Sandler let us sing his song?" (Copyright that, bitch!) and "The Chanukah Song" which they played anyway just out of spite.

I also liked "If I were a rich man" and the Bah-mitzvah song where they got the Floogle horn out (which Fred borrowed later.)

They were selling CDs there, but only burnt ones off a spindle which would have been scratched by the time I got it home. I will have to have a look in the local music stores for them later.

If they are playing near you I definitely recommend you go see them as they put on an entertaining performance as well as singing some excellent songs.

The Twits
I'm a good boy, good boy for mum!

As I have heard someone say before "The Twits are on fire!" and it is great to see that they are getting more people coming to their gigs (still not many women though.)

I haven't seen them for a while and it was good to see them back at the Espy public bar as it is my favourite place to see them. I also bought my Hulk Hands as it almost compulsory for me to do that now with a Twits gig at the Espy (I didn't want to be answering the "where's your Hulk Hands?" questions all night.)

Even though there were two really great bands playing before them, most people only wanted to see the Twits. I was surprised to see Fudge & Mick weren't there tonight as they are usually at every Twits gig.

Probably the most interesting song they played in their set tonight was the final one, a tribute to Rose Tattoo's "Bad Boy for Love" with the lyrics changed so it is about a young boy in a crèche.