The Twits & the Bankers @ the Pint on Punt
Tim Chmielewski
25/06/2004     Home

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The Bankers & The Twits at the Pint on Punt
Friday, 25th June 2004

It's been a while since I have seen the Twits as they always seem to be on when I am going down to my parents after a few weeks straight in Melbourne. I hadn't seen the Bankers since February when they played with the Twits at the Espy but I still hear about where they are playing.

As I go there every week I have been seeing more bands play at the Pint on Punt so I was looking forward to see both bands on the night. Luckily I got paid today so I could afford to come.

The Bankers were really good and seemed to be popular with the crowd. I thought they were going to play two sets but they only did one tonight so the Twits could start reasonably early.

Most of the members of the Twits arrived before the Bankers started so I got to say hello to everyone who I hadn't seen in a while.

The plan was only to play one set and finish early, but they kept going as people wanted to hear more songs.

When someone in the crowd lit their fart and stunk up the place I decided it was time to leave.

Also during the gig someone gave me a card with a phone number on it for another woman (I think she is trying to get back at someone), a random bloke asked for my camera to take a photo of his bandaged penis in the toilet, and another man got in trouble with his girlfriend for trying to watch the Russ Meyer film on the big screen (Nelson laugh).

I would have to say the Pint on Punt is better than the Espy public bar for bands as there is not another bar people can knick off to, the bar staff is friendlier and the place has a great atmosphere.