The Twits & The Bankers @ the Espy
Tim Chmielewski

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The Bankers & The Twits @ The Espy

01:16 21/02/2004

Before the gigs I managed to enjoy the newly increase capacity on my digital camera by taking some photos for people in the crowd (including the women with the talented boobies that can hold her drink.) I probably should have picked a time when I wasn't drunk to change around the camera settings as many of the photos came out blurred (the results are still better than using the flash though.)

Fred had told me about the Bankers before so I was looking forward to them. They have been described as an Australian Ben Folds Five, but that is selling them a bit short as they are uniquely Australian and have their own sound.

Their locally oriented songs seemed to go down well including "Age Girl" about a teenage girl reading a broadsheet on the tram to work and a cover of a 40 Odd Foot of Grunt song which was written in response to the song Frenzal Rhomb wrote about Russell Crowe's band.

I liked the band so much that I signed up for their email list and will try to get to some of their other gigs around the town in the future.

As usual the Twits were on fire and surprisingly they had a lot of women actually stay and see their show. The audience participation for this gig was also great too with loads of beer going over the audience. The band seems to play much better when they have the audience in such close proximity (it was in the Public Bar) and I can't really imagine them playing in any other part of the Espy now.

I also got a verse of "Pervy in the Park" dedicated to me and I think Steely wanted me to sing at one stage (they were having enough troubles with the microphones as it is.) For some reason he also asked me if they should end their show also (after the second encore would be the best.)

Next week they are playing at the "Green Room" in the city but I think I will be going home to my parents that weekend.