The Twits Give Me the Shits

The Twits and They Might Be Negros at the Espy


The Twits played at the Espy last night, but this performance was excellent also. There weren't as many people and the band wasn't as pissed so they sang better.

Special guests today were the Fred Negro Tribute band 'They Might Be Negros' which included members of the band They Might Be Vaginas. Stumpy was on drums today and Fred sung with them as they couldn't find anyone to take his place.

The band played songs written by Fred for the following bands:
I Spit on Your Gravy, The Fuck Fucks and Shonkytonk.

The songs I remember from their set are:

  • Last tram to St Kilda
  • Dosdoyeski : "I want to be an inaminate object, I want to be a block of wood. I want to be the bit of plastic that holds the six-pack together"
  • Scotty : "Scotty! Scotty! Scotty! Your mates are outside!"
  • Pizza
  • Beer Sandwich
  • Joke
  • My Uncle Used to Love me but She Died
  • (plus quite a few others.)

The crowd (some of whom used to be in the Gravys), kept wanting the song 'Harrasment' but the band didn't know how to play it and Dave Moll didn't want to.

Stumpy was going at the drums like a psycho monkey (he was wearing a sparkly wrestling mask at one stage for some reason) and he drew on his face with a permanent texta - "You've made me sad, look a tear."

Fred also did all his regular jokes, plus some I hadn't heard before:
"Yes M'Lady?"
"Eat Me"
"Yes M'Lady"

As well Fred said that They Might Be Negros are releasing an album called "St Kilda's still alright" with the songs they had been playing during the gig, which will have a plane crashing into the Espy on the cover.

I decided not to go to karaoke this week as the gig was more than enough entertainment for one day.