The Twits Give Me the Shits

Glenn & The Peanutbuttermen, Fred Sounds doco & The Twits at the Espy


I had promised Fred Negro and Lush from the band I would go tonight, so despite almost being deaf in one ear due to an ear infection I went anyway. It was probably an advantage in the end as the first band was really loud.

Although the Espy is only an hour's walk away and downhill, it is a bit of a struggle walking there after finishing the rest of the Vodka out of the bottle (I mixed it properly this time instead of just sculling it.)

I did manage to walk part of the way there before catching the tram, which I then got off to go to the dunny at the Greyhound Hotel. There didn't seem to be many hookers out tonight when I was walking up Carlisle St (it's still a bit cold for all but the most desperate ones this time of year.)

I usually go to Macca's on my way to the Espy (I reckon it would taste the same coming up as going down, if it ever came to that), so I went in and asked them how much for the 30c cone. It's a bit pathetic how much they are trying to be "healthy" now - GIVE IT UP! Let people eat what they want get fat! You're big enough to fight the lawsuits.

On the big screen in the public bar at the Espy they were playing a Russ Meyer film which featured women with really big tits dancing to either a transistor radio or a reel-to-reel tape recorder in every scene. Even though there were tits everywhere, it did seem really sweet and innocent as they looked like they were having a good time and there was no frontal nudity.

The combination of tits & Brian Wilson from the DJ as somewhat hypnotic, so the roadies had to put the screen up higher for everyone to see it behind the bar. I also liked the woman playing the guitar topless who was the dead spit of Kim Hope.

Over an hour past the advertised starting time (it's a pub, what are you going to do?), when Glen & The Peanutbuttermen came on the lead singer said "Where not as good as tits, but we'll try!" eventually they gave up and put Evil Dead II on, which suited their type of music better.

I couldn't hear them that clearly due to my ear, but they were loud. I also took my HULK HANDS down to the Espy and was dancing with them. I had a lot of people come up to me and ask me to punch them in the head with them, which is a first for me that's for sure.

The only thing the music (and DJ) was so loud most of the time that you couldn't hear the "RRRRRR! HULK SMASH!" which reduced their impact somewhat.

After the first band finished, Rohan gave me a "I'M A FUCKIN' GENIUS" t-shirt (with a light bulb on it) for looking after his bag that had all the other shirts in it he is selling to promote his doco "Fred Sounds". I had already seen it at the Melbourne Underground Film Festival, but it was good to see it in a pub environment and have the rest of the Twits there to see their reaction to it. For those of you who haven't heard of it, it covers the weeks leading up to Brian Wilson's shows in Melbourne and Fred Negro's obsession with him.

As usual the Twits kicked arse and the video backdrop was good too with the cartoon cut-out characters appearing now and again. The bands two biggest fans, Fudge and Mick seem to be featuring in a lot of the songs lately (or at least it seems that way.)

Hopefully for their next album the Twits will take up my idea and put the word HULK HANDS in the lyrics of every song just to confuse people. They liked my rewrite of their current songs in this way any way.

There wasn't as many people there tonight, but everyone seemed to have a good time and I got to give my HULK HANDS a work out. I had to rescue them off Jim as I was worried they would be trashed up the front.

I was surprised to hear the band play two new songs: I won't be home for rag week (dedicated to Fred for missing band practice) and YORIC HUNT. Their new album shouldn't be far away as they have supposedly won recording time (according to the Pub Strip.)

It was funny to see that quite a few women at the gig wanted them to play "Wanking in a public lavatory". They usually ask the wrong person though, Les is the one who decides which song that is going to be played next (Steely told me.) When he starts they follow. It is also the reason why they always play GET FUCKED CUNT! at the start of their gigs now.

I ended up leaving just before 1am managed to catch a tram home for once (the last tram actually goes at 1.30am, but I usually can't be bothered and just get a taxi.)

Due to my ears being stuffed up, I didn't have any problem with it being too quiet once I got back home (I played the rest of the Cosmic Psychos double album I bought today anyway.)