St Patrick's Day at the Pint on Punt
Tim Chmielewski

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St Patrick's Day 2004 at the Pint on Punt


I wasn't planning on going to this gig, but as it was St Patrick's day I changed my mind at the last minute and decided to come along.

It was a bit of a different set up for the night as the only other time I have heard the Twits playing accoustic is on the JVG Radio method clip on their CD. The mix of songs in their accoustic set was interesting as some looked like they were learnt especially for the night. It was also good to hear some of the faster songs played slowly so I could understand them (although some people loudly objected to this.)

One thing that I really liked about this gig that I should think the Twits should continue with are the hot chicks that were present for the night. Normally they all knick off as soon as Les starts with "Get Fucked Cunt." (Just a suggestion.)

Corey the barman was surprised that they didn't want to take a break (they just kept getting people to bring them beer) and they kept going for nearly two hours. Towards the end of the accoustic set Fudge and Mick turned up and I talked to them even though the band was still playing (I didn't seem like they were going to stop for anything.)

The next set was going to be a normal electric set up, but I was going to another gig the next night so I decided to call it a night.

Quote of the night :
"You can't drink Coke all the time, have a drink!" - Corey doesn't like you not drinking alcohol

Best Dancer:
Kristina (from what Fred told me the next day.)

The Show Must go on award:
Lush going to the bar while the band was still playing.