The Twits Give Me the Shits


From a CD by the Twits called Albert Road, also features as a live track on Play Music.
(Lush Aston)

Poshy...You make me have wet dreams.
You can't sing for toffee but you make me cream my coffee.
Poshy...You're not the cutest thing I've seen.
Your funny voice, your silly face, your hair it's never out of place.
I'm scared to go to sleep fearing that you're gonna creep
into my head while I lie there, I can see your vacant stare.
Oh! My eyes are turning red as I lie there in my bed, I see you tour accross the nation, my thoughts turn to masterbation.
Poshy...What can I tell my friends?! At least I'm dreamin' of Hansen,
Runnin' around with no pants on.
Poshy..Your bank account is thriving..You're upper-class
That you don't come you just say you're arriving..
You're tits are slowly sagging, for you I'd gladly check 'em,
But your too busy shagging with that poncy David Beckham.
I'm tossin' in my bed, hour after hour, what do I see in you?!
It must be all that 'Girl Power'.
Poshy..The only other Spice for me, all my other mates like Ginger,
I don't think I want to see the minge on her.
Poshy. You're better than the other three...You are so much
less whorier, I love you so Victoria...