The Twits at the Pint on Punt
Tim Chmielewski

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Twits at the Pint on Punt
Friday 16th April 2004

As usual I arrived about half an hour early so I could say hello to everyone in the band have a couple of drinks. Chris was setting up and I found the rest of the band practising outside on the picnic table.

Even though some of the hard-core fans didn't really come to see it, I always enjoy the Twits playing acoustic as it is something different.

This time the acoustic set only went for an hour as I think they didn't feel like doing much more.

To the excitement of Fudge and Mick they blasted into their plugged in set with their usual song. I was planning on taking some more photos during this set, but after Steely wouldn't stop throwing beer at me I went down the back. Luckily the camera is a bit water resistant - I don't want to risk it though as I don't have $800 to replace it.

Surprisingly towards the end of their first set a whole lot of people arrived. This gave me the opportunity to get some great shots of Steely with some hot chicks in the audience (a personal request of his as he has wanted to do it for some time.)

I left soon after that as I don't get paid until next week and I decided against taking a taxi home or walking.

Quote of the night:
"Who's St Albans? The patron saint of doing donuts or talking back to coppers?"

Hot chick of the night:
The Brittney look-alike

Goddamn it! award:
The third time I was hit with beer.
Not being able to stay to hit on Brittney who was really pissed