The Twits Give Me the Shits

No sauce on my pie

From a CD by the Twits called Play Music
Music Russell Words Aston
Chorus Russell Steel Aston Leary

No Sauce on my Pie Choir : NO SAUCE ON MY PIE!!! YOU GUYS FUCKING ROOL!!!

The way our eyes met, I thought love was in the air.
The sweetness of your voice, the goldness of your hair.
You served my pie up crispy warm and golden brown.
The taste of ketchup and my world comes tumbling down.

No sauce on my pie!!!!! (X3)

Girls are sweet and nice, they don't sweat and glisten.
They're so intelligent, but they don't fucking listen.
To top it off, you charged me 15 extra cents.
I'll show you where to stick your fucking condiments.