The Twits Give Me the Shits

LA LA Song

From a CD by the Twits called Albert Road
(Les Russell, Rob Steel, Lush Aston, Crocker)

How can I say "I love you"!?
I'll be like Elton John..
I'll write a stupid ditty..
And you can tell everyone its your song..
But the words don't come out of my mouth, it's not like when you're talkin'..
That fat dickhead does it but I guess he's got Bernie Taupin
(Oh sod it!) LA LA LA (etc.)
When I find myself in times of trouble..
Oh no! I've heard that one before, it's sick..
Hey Betty can I be your Barney Rubble?..
That's not too romantic..
Oh my brains not working is it because I'm always pissed?..
Maybe 'cos I'm stupid or I'm just no lyricist (I'll just go LA LA...)
Do I need a middle bit?
No I don't it would be shocking..