The Twits Give Me the Shits

I feel like a dick

From a CD by the Twits called Play Music

I've been gone for just two weeks.
And I've heard you've done it Greek.
With all the dips and creeps that I used to call my friends.
Though you gave me your excuse.
Was it Les or Baz or Bruce?!
I never knew you were so loose I should've guessed it.

Who's been cuttin' my grass, who's been pumpin your arse? I feel like a dick!
Who's discovered beyond you ain't naturally blond. I feel like a dick!
You been tellin' me lies while spreading your thighs. I feel like a dick!

Having fun wish you were here.
Drikin' warm exotic beer.
I read your letters with joy, said I was your special boy.
Things are different now I see.
So my friends are telling me.
Carpet burns on your knees I should've guessed it.