The Twits Give Me the Shits

Fred Negro

Fred Negro Horsey guitar, lead vocals

"Is this were all the men with the small penises hang out?"

There have already been tons of articles written on who Fred is a local St Kilda legend so I won't go into that here. I will say that Fred is the reason I first got onto the Twits as they were playing at the karaoke that Fred hosts every Sunday with Steve Prictor and the Greyhound Hotel.

I also go to see Fred every Thursday afternoon at the George Public Bar in St Kilda where he draws a comic strip called the "Wise Old Beer Pig" for the pub. He also draws the very popular Pub Strip that started in 1989.

Fred is also the joker of the band that annoys some people who don't think he takes the band seriously enough. It wouldn't be the Twits without Fred's onstage antics though.