The Twits Give Me the Shits

Cup Day Chaos 2002 at the Espy

I really only went today to see The Twits (I would have liked to see Six Ft Hick but they were on too late.) The band played OK today considering they were missing one singer (the one who new all the songs.) Luckily Pommy Kev was on hand who had memorised some of the lyrics. (This was before I knew him as I reminded him in 2007 when he pointed it out - Tim.

The other band I saw today who were really good was The Sailors. They were really popular and they got up to some antics on stage which included the guitarist stage diving still holding his instrument and also getting on the bassist's shoulders and both of them falling off the stage onto a woman in the audience (the only damage was that their guitars went out of tune.)

This band is really popular with the ladies for some reason which must be amusing for them as they are more interested in the good looking men in the audience - one of the band members is called "Hector the Homosexual Dancing Monkey". For some reason this band gets bagged for being un-PC, but there are worse bands around - this is something the band addresses in their song "Jesus loves me"

In their set tonight they mostly played songs off their new album, but there were some old favourites including "I'll punch you with the fist of my cock" (but no "Swashbuckling Faggots" - they only had a 45 minute set.)

The Sailors are well worth looking out for in their gigs around Melbourne (they would probably do very well in Sydney if they ever decided to go there.)