The Twits Give Me the Shits

Checking out the Crown

From a CD by the Twits called Albert Road

I printed out the lyrics to this song once and took them to show the woman who worked in the video game arcade in Crown you can buy a beer in. For some reason she thought I wrote the song.

(Ben Roff)

Here I am I've wound up in bad debt again.
I don't care 'cos the money lenders still my friend.
You look concerned but I think you will be relieved,
because I've still got one trick up my sleeve.
I'm checkin' out the Crown.
Don't you know that I'm high rollin',
Never bustin' never foldin',
When all my money's gone and I'm feeling down.
You know what I'll be doing baby checkin' out the Crown,
There are clothes and luscious 'Ramas' everywhere.
When I spend I feel like I don't have a care.
There is food from every corner of the world.
Later on I'll go up to the Mercury and find a girl.
You can get a beer in the video game arcade.
In the restrooms you'll get towels from a helpful mate.
The cinemas have seats more comfy than my home.
I'd like to buy one but I don't know who'll give me the loan.