The Twits Give Me the Shits

Albert Road

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Track Listing:

  1. Poshy 2:38 Aston
  2. Uncle Les 2:16 Russell, Steel, Aston
  3. She's A Bloke 1:41 Aston
  4. Checking out the Crown 2:42 Roff
  5. You want me to belong to you 1:48 Aston
  6. LA LA SONG 3:15 Russell, Steel, Aston, Crocker
  7. Pervy in the Park 2:02 Russell, Steel
  8. Sausage 1:41 Russell, Roff
  9. Ever fallen in love 2:40 Shelley
  10. Chelsea Heights Girl 1:20 Aston
  11. Hold Me Close 2:10 Essex
  12. Sharon 3:19 Russell, Steel, Aston
  13. Another Shit Saturday Night 3:00 Aston

NB - Fred Negro was not with the band when they did this CD.

From the liner notes:

Recorded at the Esplanade Hotel St Kilda June 30 and 32nd 1999...
All knob twiddling, lever pulling, button-pressing and mixing
by 'Oysters' Kilpatric.
All characters sung about are fictional except the real ones.
Their names haven't been changed to protect the innocent...
Any resemblence to anything sounding even remotely like music
is purely conicidental...

Thanks to... Ben Roff, Purge, Jo Poch, Z, Lyndall Reggie,
Joey's Oysters & Rob From Espy Recorders, Darren, Matt, Trent,
Anjee, Rpb, Belle, Joel, Grant, Charlie, Dr Louise Callaghn (PHWOAR!!)
Uncle Les, Sharon and Britt for th material and anyone that's 
come to our gigs. Oh yeh + Nick from XTek.
Copyright  99 (For what it's worth..)