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Wednesday Warmup at the Spot

with The Eggs, The Gingers & The Twits
26th July 2006

There was meant to be another band playing on the night, but they fell through at the last minute and the Eggs stepped in to fill the gap rather nicely I thought. I also managed to meet Les at Flinders St Station so at least I had someone to talk to on the way to the show.

The Gingers were great and well worth the wait to see them, I will try to go see them again soon and hopefully they play at the Pint on Punt with some other punk bands sooner rather than later.

It was good to see a new crowd getting into the Twits as you would expect the Brunswick crowd to be more into the alt-country scene as is the case with the Retreat Hotel just up the road. As it was meant to be an all-girl show Fred went in drag for the night, only to find out he had used extra strong eyeliner and still can't get rid of it two days later (Nelson laugh.)

For this photo set I have decided to do something a bit different and have all the crowd photos at the end instead of spread throughout the night so they are easier to find. I will see how it goes and might use it next time.

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