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Wednesday Warm-up at The Spot

3rd May 2006
The Eggs, Jane vs. World, Tim Rogers, The Twits

Another show that I have been looking forward to for weeks and not just because I had booked the time off work ages ago. I went to the opening night of the Wednesday Warm Up and was looking forward to seeing how much of a following it had built up in the past couple of months.

The night also saw the debut of the Eggs, who are a new band that the Twits are 'mentoring'. They played acoustic and stood on stage in coats reading James Joyce and acting generally Dave Graney-like.

Next up were Jane vs. World who I thought were great as they play very cute and energetic pop songs. They are the pin-up girls for social networking sites as they mention Livejournal and Myspace in a few songs. I also liked their song about losing at Scrabble:
You spell cataclysm, I can only manage cat!
You spell mathematics, I can only manage mat!

I am looking forward to buying their EP and seeing them in the future as they played well with the Twits.

Tim Rogers played a solo set next as he didn't want to go on after the Twits. He played a lot of old favourites including Berlin Chair and teased the crowd by saying he could play a version of Silverchair's 'Tomorrow' if he wanted to.

The Twits had a fight in the band room just before they went on, but their manager Tim Rogers sorted it out and they went on fine. Fred appeared as 'Captain Collingwood' for this gig only to celebrate his team's run of good luck.

They were a bit rough at times due to having drunk the riders for two bands, but the Twits made up for it by having Tim Rogers sing on "She sucked my tiny dick" and having him smash a guitar before they played "This is the show".

As I had the day off the next day, I stayed around after the show to have a drink and say goodbye to everyone. Thanks to Dolores and Chane Chane for giving me a lift home and I will have to try and make it to another night before the end of the year.

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