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The Twits vs. Mach Pelican

Homicides, Shrewms & Sonic Manipulator, Mach Pelican, The Twits
The Esplanade Hotel
Saturday, 14th January, 2006

I hadn't seen Mach Pelican since I said hello to Toshi when he was walking out of Missing Link one day and I hadn't seen them play live since Billy Bass Wolf's tribute gig, so I was looking forward to seeing them play.

The Homicides are from Perth and I thought they played really well. Their lead singer reminds me a bit of a young Shane from the band La Femme. Hopefully they get some more gigs in Melbourne and get to go to sleep after five days.

Shrewms from Queensland are what I think the Twits would be like if Chris was the lead singer. For starters the drummer put a dog muzzle down his pants and also had a leather flying cap on. As an added bonus they turned up with 'Sonic Manipulator' who they met when he was busking in the city just a couple of days ago. He certainly added something different to their performance and was funny. I will have to give him some change when I see him next.

Mach Pelican was a very popular band on the night and they also stayed around to watch the Twits later which a lot of bands don't. They played all their older stuff and some Ramones covers. I thought their new songs were good also. Hopefully I will get to see them when Guitar Wolf come out again as Toshi asked me to come.

The Twits are encouraging people to vote for their song "My Baby Hasn't Shagged Me Yet Even Though I Wear My Hair Like Jet" in the Triple J Hottest 100 poll. If they get enough people to vote, I think they may be able to get it to slot 100, which is almost as famous as being no 1 in the poll as Dennis Leary got that position one year with his song 'Asshole'.

As I my hearing had gone by the time the Twits went on, I am assuming they sounded good. Hopefully they will invite some of the bands they played with on the night to play with them at the much more comfortable surroundings of the Pint on Punt where I can at least get a drink and not be hassled by cockheads.

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