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The Twits CD launch

The Espy Public Bar
Saturday, 29th October 2005
with No Idea, The Hybernators & Dave Larkin (Casanovas) in a bear suit

I was looking forward to this gig as the Twits hadn't played since August
and it would be the first time I had been to the new public bar at the Espy
since it had opened. The old "Star Wars Bar" was my favourite bar
in the Espy and I was interested to see how the new band held up to a Twits

No Idea & The Hybernators played support to a very excited punk crowd.
They worked up the crowd so much that I had to hide up the back during
the Twits first few songs as the crowd was too wild. My favourite song
by No Idea was "HEY PUNK! (get a haircut)", the crowd really enjoyed
it too.

The band are in the public bar is just the right size for a band to
play and be right with the audience (just try and stop them.) At one
point Fred commiserated with the crowd being in the 'war zone'.

Dave Larkin in a bear suit turned up, but due to circumstances beyond
their control, Tim Rogers in a monkey suit and The Spazzys couldn't make
it on the night. Hopefully Tim Rogers can make it on Monday as he
could always get the bus up to the Corner Hotel to his gig from the
Pint on Punt.

Also great where Viv & Jean as the "Rag Week Choir" and it is extra good
as it is probably the only time we will get to see them sing with the
Twits at one of their gigs. I have hear stories about the choir that
sang with the Fuck Fucks one time and it reminded me of that.

I will be going to see the Twits at the Pint on Punt and hopefully
when they go over to Adelaide early next year I will get to go this time.

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