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The Twits

with The Almaboobies & Crackwhore
The Esplanade Hotel
Saturday, 19th March 2005

It was touch and go as to whether I would make this gig for a few weeks. There was a band I wanted to go see up at the Greyhound, but luckily I found out they are playing at the Retreat on a Sunday so I will go see them then.

The Alamaboobies were up first. I think the Twits met them when they played a gig in Frankston. They are really good and have a hard rock style. I wouldn't compare them to the Spazzys as that band is more Ramones style rock oriented. I liked how they move around in time and still manage to keep in tune. I have also found out that they are sisters which is surprising as they seemed to get along so well.

Crackwhore were up next and played a more traditional punk set. I have seen them a few times before and Chris from the Twits plays on the drums. I got to talk to them before the Twits played and I will be going to see them in the future when they play with the Twits.

As the public bar is being worked on and doesn't have air conditioning, it is stinking hot. I went and stood out on the street in between sets to catch a breather. The Twits were also outside, but to change clothes as the dunny in the bar has been demolished and that's what they used to use as their band room.

The Twits played a great set as I have come to expect, with the only hiccup being Fred throwing a chair at my knee (ouch!) Their next gig is on the day before Good Friday at the Pint on Punt, but I will be going to my parents for the Easter Weekend. I am sure it will be another great gig if you can make it.

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