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The Twits vs. Rock'n'Roll Wrestling

Greyhound Hotel
Friday, 13th October 2006

As this was going to be the last show for The Twits for a while I wanted it to be a big one and it was. I had missed them the last couple of times they had played as I had been too busy so it was now or never. Fred said he was taking Froot Loops and a cantaloupe to this show as it doesn't matter if the Twits got banned again as it is the last time they will play there anyway.

I had seen the Rock'n'Roll Wrestling earlier in the year so I just watched this time mostly except for the six-man bout where they were fighting outside the ring. I am seeing Bittersweek Kicks the next time they come to the Pint so it was OK to miss them just this once.

The Twits were on fire and ran through all their old songs with Fudge & Gorf singing along. The wrestlers also enjoyed the set as they put on a great show as well and they can appreciate a performance as well as the music.

There was even an encore for this show, which is a change as I end up leaving most gigs when they go finish and hit the bar as that is the end of the usual show.

I got a free feed of Froot Loops also (only the box had been down Fred's pants), but as it felt like I had been eating shit the next day there must have been something else in them.

I hope Chris has a good time over in Qatar and I look forward to the Twits return show at the Pint on Punt early next year.

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