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Twits Acoustic at Pure Pop Records

Saturday, 18th February, 2006

I don't often get to see the Twits play during the day so I was looking forward to seeing their acoustic show. Also I hadn't been to Pure Pop records since I purchased the ever-popular Lancelot Link DVD their a few months ago (a must for all Twits shows at the Pint on Punt.) In the end I did end up buying a new DVD called Calamari Wrestler which looks funny.

Beer & BBQ was the order of the day and I had a couple of sausages and half a veggie burger. I don't drink beer, but it went down well with the guests and people started bringing in their own slabs at the end of the show.

I have only seen the Twits play acoustic once before, but I did enjoy today including their version of "The Highwaymen" that I haven't seen them perform live before. Hopefully it be released on one of their CDs in the future.

Due to it being a BBQ gig it was a very relaxed atmosphere, with Fred asking for a beer after every song (it was hot and singing is thirsty work.) As I was starting to get a bit hot towards the end, I left not long after they finished, but Fudge and Nick where planning to whoop it up and get the police to come for a noise complaint.

I am really looking forward to the Twits trip to Adelaide which I will be travelling to with Fudge and Nick. Also I am staying at their place the night before we leave so it will be good to visit St Albans.

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