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Charter 77, The Twits & Sydney City Trash

Pint on Punt
Saturday, 10th December 2005

I had been Christmas shopping most of the day, but I was still looking forward to seeing the bands tonight as Fred had recommended Sydney City Trash in particular. Also the night was different as the Twits played second and only played the one set.

I had seen Charter 77 before, but it was a while ago now so I had forgotten how they were. The punks seemed to enjoy them and I found their set list later:
Oi! Fat Slag
Not Dead
Ray Martin Get Fucked
Beer Punx
No Saving
Urban DK
Beer & Fags

As the Twits only had one set, they didn't get to screw around as much. It was different seeing them with a lot of punks as they got into it a lot more than the usual pub crowd. I couldn't stand up the front towards the end as there were so many people.

I had heard good things about Sydney City Trash and they didn't dissapoint. I heard them compared to The Pogues on the night (Shane McGowan is living the punk lifestyle at least), but I thought they were more of a punk Weddings, Parites Anything as they played old style colonial songs in a punk style. You wouldn't expect the punks to be so into those sorts of songs but they really were. I will have to pick up their CD later.

The Pint on Punt would make a good alternative punk venue if one of the other ones in Melbourne closed down. Probably need to only hand out plastic pint glasses and nail everything down first though.

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