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Rain Dogs, Dead Cowboys, Bittersweet Kicks, The Twits

Pint on Punt
Friday, 9th June 2006

Beer, broken glass and ambulances - a good night!

In what is becoming a habit with Twits gigs I had a few before I left home, I will have to remember not to do that with Spyrtus though as 1/2 a glass is like 8 drinks at once - whoops!

Last time with the Bittersweet Kicks was a bit rowdy (not their fault), so I knew to stay up the back after getting some photos.

A late edition saw Rain Dogs play their first ever gig which was good to see. Hopefully they will get to play more often as they had a lot of people there.

My friend turned up for a while before going to see a band at the St Kilda Bowling club, hopefully she will come to see the Twits play one day.

I managed to get the lead singer of the Dead Cowboys to do the McCauly Culkin 'Home Alone' face as well as his mum later. They were a good band, but I couldn't really hear it that much as I was drunk.

I thought the Bittersweet Kicks played better than last time and I will try to get and see them somewhere else after going out to talk to them beforehand and taking some photos.

The Twits didn't really play that long a set tonight, but they have played at the Pint on Punt to be able to play straight away and I am already looking forward to seeing them play with the Australian GG Allin Show and the Vaginabillies in a few weeks.

Thanks to Steely for driving me home after the gig also as it was too cold to have to wait for a taxi.


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