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Dick Desert, Bittersweet Kicks, The Twits

Pint on Punt
Friday, 31st March, 2006

I hadn't seen the Twits since going over to Adelaide with them, so I was looking forward to seeing them play with some new bands at their old stomping grounds. Corey was sick so I stopped in at the GPB to see if I could get something for him (refused!)

Dick Desert was having his single launch for "My Dad Fucked John Howard" on the night so I also wanted to hear that song. As well as his own songs, Dick played country and contemporary songs in a very laid-back style.

The Bittersweet Kicks are only a young band, but they have the attitude in place and are all set to follow other rock bands of recent times in Melbourne. I am sure that they are going to do well in their travels.

The Twits were great as usual and even played some new songs. Due to their being a lot of people in for the Grand Prix weekend, there were some fights during their set unfortunately. I hid around the other side of the bar and they stopped playing. One of the million things Corey usually does is bouncer for the pub so he was missed on the night.

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