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Video Nasties, Crackwhore, The Hybernators, The Twits

Pint on Punt
Friday, 12th May 2006

Things not to mix: GiVON Chocolate Liqueur & Gdansky 95% Spyrtus

ACK! I have enormous headache in my eye!

I should have expected that after all the drinking, smoke-filled pub and loud music though.

From what I have been told, Video Nasties played a great set. I don't really pay that much attention to the music in the performance as you are better off just listening to a CD. I like seeing how a band play on stage and interact with the crowd. This band is only young, but I thought they did well.

Crackwhore were up next and it was good to see them again after a long time. Chris from the Twits is on drums and plays very well with them. I also got to talk to Stacy and Naff after they played. There were some people there on the night filming Naff for a documentary. I hope it turns out well.

The Hybernators played great as always and I got to talk to ANT MAN and Anton during the night. Nancy always poses silly for photos for some reason. Lots of great crowd reaction during this set.

It wouldn't be a Twits gig without antics and a special treat for the evening was the gallery of Twits photos (supplied by myself) that I gave to Fred to put up all over the pub.

I ended up watching the show from the back of the room due to a spray warning, but I am sure the band all had a good time. Next time I will try not to overdo it as much so I will be able to work on my photos the next day an not stay in bed.

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