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New Year's Eve 2005

Pint on Punt
with The Twits, Crackwhore, Glenn & The Peanut Butter Men & Moll Patrol

It had already been a too goddamn hot day and somehow it managed to get hotter when I left from home for this gig. This led to a lot of people sitting outside the pub in between the bands, but at least they bought their grog at the pub this time.

The Twits manager, Tim Rogers, finally turned up to see the Twits play so they went on first for a set and then Crackwhore and Glenn & The Peanut butter Men played a set each with Crackwhore being the first to play after the New Year.

There weren't as many people there as last year as it was too hot, but they made up for it by being friendly and I was even invited down the beach afterwards as it was still over 30 degrees C at 1am in the morning. On the way down to the beach another woman said hello and said I could go with them, but she didn't know what to do when I actually followed them. I lost the people I was with when they went off in a shopping trolley, but I eventually found them again.

Further entertainment for the night was provided by a bloke trying to ride his girlfriend's bike into the bay and a couple wearing camouflage pants having sex on the foreshore thinking no one would see them.

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