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The Hybernators & The Twits

The Pint on Punt
Friday, 12th August 2005

I was looking forward to this and I have heard that the Hybernators had wanted to play a gig with the Twits for a while (Fred even did the cover for their EP.) I even came straight from work at 5pm, only to go off to buy a copy of the Lancelot Link Secret Chimp DVD from Pure Pop Records in St Kilda as Fred wanted to play it while the bands where on.

The Hybernators were quite late starting, but this was because their previous drummer had quit that day and they had to find a replacement. In the meantime the crowd enjoyed the cricket and drank a lot. The Hybernators already have a strong following, so it was good to see some new faces at the Pint on Punt for their show.

I hadn't seen them before, but I thought they were great and I bought their EP while the band was playing. My favourite song of theirs was "Footy" and the crowd seemed to enjoy the rest of their set and even sang along to some songs.

While the bands where playing, the Lancelot Link Secret Chimp video was being shown on the big screen. For some reason people kept wanting to take photos of it for their mobile phone screens. I think I may have taken a few too many photos of this, but hey, wacky chimps!

I know what to expect from the Twits by now, but they did even better with more people watching them and even the Almaboobies got to sing with them on some songs and everyone ended up dancing towards the end.

If you haven't seen either of these bands and live in Melbourne then I would highly recommend you take the time to do so. The Twits are releasing a new album soon so their CD launch should be great.

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