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Free Beer Gig

with The Almaboobies, The Twits, Eric
at the Pint on Punt
Friday, 13th May, 2005


Now I have your attention, I will tell you about the night.

I was told to arrive early as the organisers expected a lot of people in, but they said 4.30pm was too early so I ended up going home again for a while (I have a different concept of early than most people.)

On the way home, I picked up a bottle of Kalashnikov Vodka. Unfortunately it is not 47% alcohol, but it was good enough for me anyway. For dinner I had toasted sandwiches with Medas Pedas chilli sauce - YUM!

Going back to the pub I decided to stop into the GPB where I have a drink after work on Thursdays. Jess who works there was having a drink and I finally got to ask her if she new my name. It turns out that she had talked to Fred about me so that was fine. On leaving she said "GOODBYE GORGEOUS!" which made my feet fill with lead and become set in concrete and I had to drag myself up the stairs. I think I may have to find a reason to visit there more often when Jess is working.

I arrived back at the Pint on Punt after 7pm to find that they had free beer on for an hour, also including wine and champagne. I chose peach champagne and had three small bottles in the hour, including one where I took and order in for the kitchen staff.

I tried to ring work, but there was nobody there and I SMSed my sister in Western Australia to tease her and my friend in the city to try and get him down to the venue.

The Almaboobies played first with their mum and dad watching on and acting as stage security. I was happy to hear that they really liked looking at my photos and they even gave me a blank CD for the next set. The crowd really enjoyed the performance of the band and I think they got a lot of new fans including Fudge who wants them to play at his birthday.

Eric was originally meant to play second, but due to delays the Twits played and were up to all their original shenanigans as you would expect. I also got covered in beer which was to be expected. At least Fudge didn't bring the no-standing sign inside this time. The CD launch for the Twits should be coming up soon and I hope they play at the Pint on Punt as it is my favourite place to see them now.

I was originally planning to stay and see all of Eric's set, but as there were no tables in the chairs in the bar, I suddenly felt a bit tired and decided to call it a night after seeing them play a couple of songs. They are very good and it is great to see Chris playing in another band with a different style of music.

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