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Fred's Birthday at the Pint on Punt

The Hybernators & The Twits
Saturday, 28th January, 2006

I was looking forward to this gig as it had been a hot and sticky day and I had quite a few drinks at home to get ready for it. This meant that I decided to leave my flash on to save with screwing around with the focus, but it turned out really good anyway as I tried the 'slow' and 'rear' flash settings instead.

As I got to the gig a bit early, I got to talk to the new drummer from the Hybernators, Nancy, who seems very nice. It was also good to see all the people who turned to see Fred for his birthday. There was even some people who have travelled from interstate,

The Hybernators played great even though it was hot. As usual Richard ended up having his shirt damp with sweat by the end of their set. I will be looking forward to seeing the Hybernators play in the future and I hope they all have a good time at the Big Day Out in Melbourne (The Stooges are playing.)

Being Fred's birthday, I had expected him to have been on the sauce all day, but he hadn't even been drinking as much as some of the audience. The Twits played an extra long set with all the audience favourites and I am looking forward to going over to Adelaide with them in March.

The Twits and the Hybernators are playing a gig north of the river in March. It should be good as the venue is small and there will be plenty of opportunity for them to whoop up there.

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