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Cup Eve 2005

Pint on Punt
Love System Deluxe, Eric & The Twits
Monday, 31st October 2005

It has been a few years since I have seen two Twits gigs so close together
(the last one was the Twits & They Might Be Vaginas in 2002), so I was
interested to see how they would hold up given how big Saturday's CD launch was.

I hadn't seen about Love System Deluxe before, but I was surprised to
see the large crowd that they bought into the pub. Even though some people
said mean things about them later in the night, I thought they were very enthusiastic
and looked like they were having a great time. I am sure they will go on to bigger
things in the future as they get more experience at gigs.

It has been a while since I saw Eric and they were really looking forward to
this gig. I was glad it was them playing and not me as Fred played some tricks on
them while they were playing and acted up in the crowd.

The Pint on Punt is now the 'home ground' for the Twits just as the old 'Star Wars Bar'
at the Espy used to be when I was seeing them a few years ago. They made full use of
it on the night by performing all over the pub (Steely went out on Punt Rd) and
they even had some girls dancing for about the first time ever. More disturbing
were those two pissed blokes who stripped off and started dancing with each other.

Now that they have Tim Rogers as a manager, hopefully the Twits will get to play
on the Footy Show or at least be a house band for Blokesworld (Kram already hosts the
show, so it should be easy.) The strip club Kittens is also having bands play so that
would also be a good place to play.

It was a great night and I am looking forward to going over to Adelaide with the Twits
next year when they do their CD launch over there.

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