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The Twits Adelaide Road Trip 2006

2nd - 5th March, 2006

Thursday Night
TREE: 1, Fudge: 0

Stupid arse trains! Hate 'em! There's a reason why I always take the tram to the city apart from the tram going past the Pint on Punt. Went straight to St Alban's pub. Looks OK, but I only found out five people had been stabbed there before they put cameras in. Went back to Fudge's place and he did burnouts.

Went drink for drink with the boys and watched strippers. Went back to Fudge's and had a BBQ. Fudge decided we should leave straight away so we all go into the landcrusier, Fudge decided he would travel nude. Stopped a couple of times for Fudge to spray paint signs and then he passed out. Had to get out of the car NOW at Horsham and walked around the park. Kept going as we couldn't sleep.

Pubs, pubs and more pubs...

Had to stop a couple of hours before Adelaide so we didn't arrive too early. Go to BackpackOz and met Sam on reception after 9am, room wasn't ready yet so went to get breakfast. I liked the restaurant Al Frescos on Rundle St, even if it did make me burp for the rest of the day.

Couldn't find any pubs open so went back to the hostel, then out again to find an early openers. Walked back to the Crown & Anchor and ALL the way down to the Grace Emily, only to find it closed.

Finally got back to hostel and tried to have a sleep, too hot! Got up and had a shower and eventually headed out again. Spent several hours drinking and talking with the Twits. Had dinner down at the Cumberland Hotel and came back to wait for the band to start.

The Green Circles are playing a Friday residency at the Grace Emily so it was really their pub. I thought they played well, but they were a lot different to the style of music the Twits played so I didn't think their crowd would appreciate them.

I didn't know how the Twits would go having come straight from Melbourne that day and only having a few hours sleep. They went great and heaps of people came to see them who said they knew Fred from Melbourne or had been there at one time or another. Some cockheads tried to kick Fred, but he got them back the next night by whacking their head with the microphone.

Went straight home with Fudge & Nick after the gig as they wanted to leave early.

The big one

I wanted to get some stuff today so I went up to Rundle Mall to look for a $2 shop. Ended up getting my photo taken at a photo booth as part of the Adelaide Fringe Festival and my photo was sent to Beijing, Seoul, Linz & New York. Was given a voucher for another shop and got the only photo of me on the road trip.

Walked down to the Fringe site in the park. I liked seeing the other tents set up near the Speigeltent including "The Garden Shed". It was fun to watch the little kids on the trapeze, but I didn't want to take photos after seeing Gary Glitter in the paper that day.

Too hot to go back to the hostel so I went to see Capote the movie. Now I want to read "In Cold Blood" and "To Kill a Mockingbird" after learning about their authors. The Twits were at the hostel by the time I got there. Stuffed around for an hour or so and tried to go get fish & chips - closed! At 6pm on a Saturday!

Eventually went back to Rundle St and ended up sitting in Subway and watching all the women walking past in short shorts. Adelaide is called the "city of churches" but it also could be called "the holy land" as in "holy shit!", "holy mother of god!", etc!

When we got to the Crown & Anchor, Les said they had fish & chips as a counter meal! Goddamn it!

The Crown & Anchor is the main pub for punk acts in Adelaide and I liked the back room as it was just the right size. The support act for the night was Kamikaze with Dirty Dick Dale. I thought they were really funny and Dick kept jumping into the crowd and at one point ended up with his head in the drums (just missed it!)

I underestimated the crowd reaction to the Twits and had to pike up the back after the first couple of songs. I liked when Fred jumped off the stage to get into the action in some songs. The Froot Loops were also spread around quite liberally.

After the show I talked to quite a few people as everyone seemed friendly enough. I nearly got someone to come back to Melbourne with me, but she had gone after I came back from seeing the Twits out the back. It was quite a scene when I looked under the roller door to see Lush lying with his head on his guitar case and his elbow on ice. After that I went home and had a shower.

home again

We had meant to leave earlier, but all slept in. The Twits were still stuffed from Saturday and were leaving later. Once again Nick put in a sterling effort by driving all the way. I haven't driven a manual since my driver's licence test or I would have helped.

Stopped in Horsham for a counter meal at 1.30pm and back on the road again. It seemed to go a lot quicker when you could see the countryside. Arrived back at the Pint on Punt just as the Large No. 12's were starting (they cheered me for that later.)

It was a good trip and I am glad I went. Might consider flying next time though.

Due to an oversight, I forgot to ask anyone to take a photo of myself with my own camera, but I did get a photo taken of myself due to one of things going on as part of the Adelaide Festival. Here it is. I also had my photo sent around the world from Rundle Mall in a related exhibit.