The Twits Give Me the Shits

The Twits Give Me The Shits!

Fred and Steely get down! From the first time I saw the Twits playing at the Greyhound Hotel (in the infamous Karaoke show that got them banned from that pub for over 2 years), I knew that they were a band worth looking out for.

What I like most about them is that the show is just as important to them as the songs they play and you can always rely on them to do something funny during their set. If Fred remembers what happened, you will also see it the next week in the Pub Strip.

I have also met a lot of other people I wouldn't have as a result of going to the Twits gigs at the Esplanade Hotel and other places around Melbourne. It was the talking to the members of the Twits that gave me the confidence to be able to go up and talk to GIT and people from other bands the very first time I see them.

Writing about their gigs also gives me the chance to share them with other people over the Internet. This is also a reason why I decided to do this site so I would be able to show all of my collected gig reviews, song lyrics and photos for the band in one place so other people who might be interested in the band can enjoy them also.

As of 2007 I have travelled interstate to see the Twits and regularly go to see them when they play at the Pint on Punt (bollocks to the Espy!)

Tim Chmielewski
22nd January 2007

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